Sunday, June 30, 2013

Menacing New 'Transformers 4' Vehicle Might Hint at Potential Villain

Now the question is just what will this vehicle be doing in Transformers 4? Well, there are two popular trains of thought. One pegs this vehicle as being Ultra Magnus, the Autobot who has been depicted as the brother of Optimus Prime (though that isn't always the case). The character is usually depicted as a Freightliner truck, but it would seem like overkill to have two semi-truck heroes. Therefore, we're pretty keen on the prediction that this truck is the vehicle form of the Decepticon leader Motor Master. That might hint at the inclusion of the Stunticons, but the idea of using a team of Transformers who turn into a larger villain has already been used in Revenge of the Fallen with the Constructicons.

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